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What is the role of FRP fiber optic cable reinforcing core in fiber optic cable?

Materials are the foundation of optical cables. Without good materials, it is impossible to make high-quality optical cables. The structural strength of the reinforcing core of optical cable is an important index of the mechanical performance of optical cable. The reinforcing core of optical cable plays a vital role in protecting optical cable structurally, and as one of the structural components of fixed optical cable, it plays a major role in enhancing the tensile and compressive capacity of optical cable.

Optical cable reinforcing cores are generally divided into metal reinforcing cores and non-metal reinforcing cores. Single steel wire and steel strand are commonly used as metal reinforcing cores. Fiber reinforced plastic is commonly used for non-metallic cores &mdash& mdash; Glass fiber GFRP and aramid fiber. GFRP is used in the cable core or both sides of the cable core, and aramid fiber is used between the cable core and the protective layer.

For non-metallic FRP reinforcing cores, the key to producing qualified FRP lies in the reasonable selection of reinforcing materials, substrates and curing processes.

The non-metallic FRP optical cable reinforcing core produced by tongnai composite material is a round rod with resin as the base material and glass fiber or aramid fiber as the reinforcing material. It is generally located in the center of the optical cable, and the loose sleeve and tight buffer fiber are wound around the optical cable reinforcing core. FRP fiber reinforced core combines the high performance of many aspects of glass fiber and aramid fiber and unique resin formula, resulting in strong, high-energy and economic fiber reinforced products.

The FRP fiber optic cable reinforcing core produced by tongnai composite is specially designed for fully insulated fiber optic cable applications. Its surface is smooth and has extremely high dimensional stability. It has achieved long-distance (50km) jointless, which has increased the continuous production capacity of fiber optic cables.

FRP fiber optic cable reinforcing core is insensitive to electric shock, which can avoid the interference of lightning and strong electromagnetic objects, and is suitable for climatic environments such as thunder and rain. The optical cable with KFRP reinforced core can be installed close to the power line and power equipment, and is not disturbed by the induced current generated by the power line or power device. Compared with the metal core, the FRP optical cable reinforcing core does not produce the gas produced by the chemical reaction between metal and ointment, which affects the optical fiber transmission index, and has a long service life. In addition, the FRP optical cable reinforcing core has higher tensile strength, light weight, and the specific gravity is about 1/4 of the steel wire, which is easy to process and lay.

FRP fiber optic cable reinforced core has obvious advantages and is increasingly used in all kinds of fiber optic cable products, including outdoor fiber optic cable, indoor fiber optic cable, FTTx household fiber optic cable, power fiber optic cable, etc. At the same time, FRP reinforcing core is also used in other telecommunication fields.

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