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How to choose raw materials for FRP fiber optic cable reinforcing core?

Glass fiber Twistless roving is the supporting framework of fiber-reinforced composites. It fundamentally determines the mechanical properties of pultruded products. At the same time, it also plays a certain role in the impact toughness of materials, reducing the shrinkage of composites, and the thermal deformation temperature, electromagnetic properties and thermal physical properties of composites. Indeed, the selection of appropriate linear density of glass fiber and the formulation of the volume content of fiber in products play a vital role in the mechanical properties of products.

As a composite material, FRP is only the first step to choose a good reinforcement material. Because the composite material is not a simple physical composite of several materials, in order to obtain good comprehensive mechanical properties of FRP, it is also necessary to select a resin system matching with the reinforcing material. The resin matrix in the composite material binds the reinforcing material into a whole, playing the function of transferring and balancing the load, so that the reinforcing material can give full play to its advantages in mechanical properties, including heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation Electromagnetism depends on the resin matrix. At the same time, the resin matrix has different effects on the impact resistance and mechanical properties of the composites.

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