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What are the characteristics of FRP fiber reinforced core?

Glass fiber reinforced plastic (PRP) optical cable reinforcing core is a product that takes glass fiber as the reinforcing material and resin system as the base material, and is cured and extruded at a specific temperature. It has the following characteristics:

(1) All dielectrics, completely avoid the interference of lightning and strong electromagnetic objects, and use.

(2) It is light and high-strength, and the proportion of FRP is about 1/4 of that of steel wire, which can reduce the impact of ice and wind, and reduce the load of tower and support at the same time.

(3) For corrosion, it has good compatibility with other materials of optical cable, long service life, and does not produce harmful gas due to corrosion, which will lead to hydrogen loss and affect the signal transmission performance.

(4) Good surface finish, stable size, easy to process and lay.

(2) FRP is a kind of composite material. In order to obtain high-quality FRP products, the key lies in the selection of raw and auxiliary materials and the reasonable monitoring of molding process.

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