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What is the difference between FRP septic tank and reinforced concrete (commercial concrete) septic tank? Which is more applicable in rural areas?

Septic tank is a kind of equipment to treat feces and filter and precipitate them. We all know that the traditional septic tank is reinforced concrete septic tank, but now the new type of FRP septic tank is also widely popular, especially the current latrine renovation project, which is particularly valued. What is the difference between the two?


FRP septic tank

1. Acid and alkali resistance, no leakage, materials used in FRP septic tanks have a short history.

2. FRP has a long service life of 50 years.

3. The compression resistance of FRP septic tank is generally 10-15 tons parking space, and the reinforced concrete pavement structure can meet the design requirements.

4. The construction is fast. Generally, one tank can be completed in about two days.

5. Long service life.

6. Low cost


Reinforced concrete (commercial concrete) septic tank

1. The application is mature, the corresponding standards are comprehensive and reliable.

2. Compression resistance is relatively reliable.

3. The construction period is a little longer, especially when there is groundwater in the foundation or the construction is laborious in rainy days.

4. The performance of anti-corrosion and anti leakage is inferior to that of FRP septic tank.

5. The cost is much higher than that of FRP septic tank.

6. Long service life.

Summary: in the guiding document for the construction of rural toilets in Hunan Province, it is proposed that the integrated three compartment septic tank should be made of glass fiber reinforced plastics and other materials that are harmless, have good corrosion resistance and have anti leakage function. On this point, reinforced concrete septic tank is not in line, so it is better to use glass fiber reinforced plastics septic tank

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