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What color are the four kinds of garbage cans? What logo?

Domestic waste is divided into four categories: recyclables, hazardous waste, kitchen waste and other waste.

The corresponding colors of these four types of garbage cans are blue, red, green and gray.

When citizens put garbage in categories, they must first see the color of the garbage can. In addition, the four types of domestic waste have their own special signs in addition to the corresponding four different colored garbage cans.

The four types of household garbage that are common in our life are:

1. Recyclables

It refers to uncontaminated wastes suitable for recycling and resource utilization, such as waste paper, plastics, metals, textiles, glass, etc;

2. Hazardous waste

It refers to the waste that causes direct or potential harm to human health or the natural environment in the domestic waste such as waste batteries, lamps, thermometers, sphygmomanometers, films, photo papers, waste drugs, paints, pesticides, disinfectants and their packaging;

3. Kitchen waste

It refers to the perishable wastes generated in daily life, such as discarded leftovers, leftovers, eggshells, melon and fruit skins and cores, tea dregs, bones, etc;

4. Other garbage

It refers to domestic waste except recyclables, hazardous waste and kitchen waste.

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