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240L FRP trash can
product name : 240L FRP trash can
Product Introduction : [Tongnai composite]240L FRP garbage can manufacturers can provide 240L FRP garbage cans used for garbage classification at preferential prices
Description : 
[Brand]: tongnai composite
[Material]: glass fiber reinforced plastic SMC composite
[Product volume]: 240 (L)
[Manufacturing process]: molding processing
[Shape]: rectangle
[Optional color]: blue. Green
application : 
It is used in public places such as living quarters, leisure squares, urban streets, landscaping, schools, factories, hospitals, etc
Product Details :

    Introduction of 240L FRP garbage can

    This product is a high temperature resistant cleaning bucket, which is made of composite materials by high temperature molding. It overcomes the defects that plastic garbage cans are easy to be damaged by fire, easy to age, and iron garbage cans are easy to corrode. The structure of this product is scientific and reasonable, which is not only convenient for manual pushing and pulling, but also suitable for automatic mechanical loading and unloading operations. The color can also be selected according to the needs of customer classification management.

Picture display of 240L FRP trash can

    Main functional features of FRP garbage cans

1. The FRP garbage can is a one-time molded FRP structure, which is stronger than plastic. It can be fully impacted by various external forces and can be used together with environmental sanitation vehicles;

2. The opening of FRP garbage can is thickened and reinforced, which can be used with mechanical lifting devices or sanitation vehicles;

3. FRP garbage cans can be overlapped with each other, which is convenient for transportation and saves storage and transportation space and costs;

4. Glass fiber reinforced plastic garbage can cover tightly, which can prevent odor emission, rainwater intrusion and mosquito and fly breeding;

5. The inner and outer surfaces of FRP garbage cans are smooth and clean, which is convenient for emptying garbage and cleaning;

6. The bottom of FRP garbage can is specially strengthened, which is not easy to collapse, deformation and wear, and extends the service life of the product;

7. Fiberglass trash cans are ergonomically designed, light and durable, and flexible to move;

8. Fiberglass trash cans are customizable in color and diverse, suitable for different environments and garbage classification and collection.

Manufacturer introduction

Hubei tongnai composite technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating the research and development, production, sales and after-sales of frp/smc composite materials. The company is located in Dangyang economic and Technological Development Zone, Yichang City, Hubei Province. It covers an area of more than 60000m2 and has four modern workshops. At present, there are 168 cadres and workers and 16 engineering and technical personnel, including 6 engineers and 10 assistant engineers, accounting for 10% of the company's employees. There are 260 pieces of equipment that can serve the production and inspection of FRP, including more than 60 FRP pultrusion production lines and more than 30 molding production equipment. The equipment has high functions, strong technical force and high automation level. After acceptance by relevant departments, it is rated as a qualified product and has passed the ISO9001 related system certification. Our factory has been rated as AAA credit enterprise, contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise, quality service integrity unit, etc.

After years of unremitting efforts, with good reputation, qualified products, reasonable price and perfect service, the company has won the trust of customers from all walks of life and is deeply trusted by users. For many years, our factory has followed:"Honesty and customer first" We have established long-term cooperative relations with many businesses. Your satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit!, Warmly welcome you to negotiate business, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.