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What should be done if the septic tank leaks or feces overflow

The main purpose of building three format household toilets is to reduce, remove or kill pathogens in fecal sewage, control the breeding of mosquitoes and flies, prevent the spread of odor, remove and kill pathogens such as parasitic eggs through three format septic tanks.

Once the septic tank leaks or the fecal sewage overflows, the harmless treatment effect will not be achieved and the environment will be polluted.

Therefore, the code for the operation and maintenance of Rural three format household toilets clearly states that if the septic tank has leakage or fecal sewage overflow problems, it should be stopped immediately, and the septic tank should be cleaned, repaired or replaced in time. At the same time, quicklime or disinfectant should be added to the cleaned or overflowing fecal sewage for disinfection and harmless treatment.

In addition, for areas with high risk of faecal mouth borne diseases, the standard proposes that the toilet room should be ventilated and disinfected;

The surrounding environment of septic tank should be disinfected under the guidance of personnel;

Cleaning operators should strengthen personal protection and wash hands and disinfect in time;

During the cleaning and transportation process, ensure that the feces are not exposed, and strictly seal the feces collection and transportation facilities;

The places, facilities and equipment that may be polluted after cleaning shall be disinfected, which shall comply with the relevant requirements of the disinfection specification.