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How many years is the service life of FRP septic tank?

  FRP septic tanks are gradually accepted by builders in China, which cannot be separated from the support of relevant departments. The original mission of FRP septic tanks is to protect groundwater resources for the benefit of future generations. His great mission stems from the acid-base resistance of FRP resin materials, and the service life of FRP septic tanks buried underground is 50 years. On the premise of guaranteed quality, the service life of FRP septic tanks is undoubtedly 50 years (except for those whose thickness and strength do not meet the requirements).

  The longest service life of traditional brick septic tank and reinforced concrete septic tank is 10 years. Compared with FRP septic tank, they have incomparable advantages over traditional septic tank. The following is a comparison between fiberglass septic tank and traditional septic tank:

There is no leakage. The tank body is formed by acid and alkaline resistant materials such as glass fiber and organic resin, with good sealing performance. It does not produce fracture damage and scum layer in the tank caused by foundation settlement, which solves the problem of groundwater pollution by the brick septic tank, and ensures the reliable operation of the septic tank and the function of anaerobic feces;

High compressive strength, reasonable product structure design, uniform compression;

The floor area is small, and the practical area is about 45 times that of the traditional septic tank, which saves land resources and has the characteristics of flexible site selection;

It is convenient for installation and construction, and can be assembled and installed freely according to the needs of the site. It can be put into use 2 hours after installation;

The treatment effect is good. The upper and lower staggered layers of the bulkhead are designed, and the original direct flow flashing is changed to circular flow flashing, with smooth substrate transmission: the application of anaerobic biofilter (AF) packing system intercepts more biomass, and the sewage treatment capacity is twice that of the traditional septic tank with the same volume;

Long service life, moisture resistance, oxidation resistance, no deformation at high and low temperatures, no fear of acid and alkali, normal use up to 50 years;

Low economic indicators, which is the product vigorously promoted by the urban construction department; It can be installed with multi angle interface according to the needs of sewage discharge; It is 10-20 lower than the final settlement price of the traditional steel-concrete septic tank.